Monday, May 3

May Nesting...

Though there were a few things that we couldn't get to last month on the April Nesting List, I think that we made a pretty good dent! I am so glad that we have all of the baby clothes washed and the changing table organized. It makes me so happy that we only need a few onesies and socks for our little guy!

May Nesting

  • Pot flowers for screened-in porch
  • Bin for toys on porch
  • Set out birdbath and bird feeder on shepherd's hook in backyard
  • Pack beach/pool bag with bathing suits, water shoes, sun glasses, towels, and toys
  • Begin gathering up things for hospital bag
  • Put together Bedside Basket
  • Buy onesies and socks for Baby
  • Purchase new changing table pad covers
  • Sugar Plum's fourth birthday!
  • Strawberry picking and Strawberry Shortcake Night
  • Homecoming Outfit for Baby
  • Check expiration date on baby carseat
  • Clean baby seat and dry in the sun
  • See if all three seats will fit in car - They don't:(
  • Cell Phone Plan Expires on May 22nd
  • Hang clothesline on back porch*
  • Hang twinkle lights on back porch*
  • Hang lattice under both front and screened-in porches*
  • Hang shelves in family closet*
  • Fix screen door on screened-in porch*
  • Cut down tall grass along fence in the backyard*
Note: Items on this list that have an asterisk (*) following them are things that Fr John has to be the one to do. It is pretty unlikely that they will get finished, but whatever gets done will be great!


elizabeth said...

A good list! Sounds like a very do-able list. Praying that God will bless you and the baby to be born!

Christ is Risen!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for asking about me on my blog. I asked my sister to post a post for me since I am unable to. The post will explain. For now, I'm re-directing readers to

I am well, thank you. :)

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