Monday, August 25

This Week's Menu Plan...

As part of my new resolution to stick to my household budget, I have been making a meal plan (something I have slacked on since our son was born - eight months ago!). We will be using our grill a bit more this week at my husband's request... I'll never turn down the opportunity to hand some of the cooking over to him - he's a great cook!!

Monday: Baked Ziti, Salad, and Garlic Bread
Tuesday: Grilled Chicken smothered in sauteed Mushrooms, Bacon, and Monterrey Jack Cheese, Peas, and Baked Potatoes
Wednesday: Hearty Vegetable Soup and Bread
Thursday: BBQ Chicken and Potato Salad
Friday: Falafel Sandwiches
Saturday: Taco Salad
Sunday: Grilled Steaks, Peas, and Baked Potatoes


Courtney said...

Sounds yummy! I did a menu plan for the first time in ages too. I also found a grocery list/menu plan template I'm keeping on the fridge. I hope it will help me, as I always forget to add things to the list!

Michelle said...

Do you make the Falafel? (I had to google that!)

MamaBirdEmma said...

Hi Michelle!

Noooo... :) I found a mix that we like at walmart. You add water and then fry the falafel. They're pretty good.

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