Friday, March 14

Closet Transformations: The Nursery Closet...

Here is the abomination our nursery closet was in this morning. Though we have a family closet for all the clothes we wear now, the baby clothing and supplies that we don't need at the moment is stored in the nursery's closet. Since our son's birth, everything exploded in there and things needed to be totally overhauled!

Though I've used huge ziplock and rubbermaid containers to store clothing in the past, I've wanted to try Space Bags out. I found that two ziplock bags worth of clothing could fit into one extra large bag!

Here is my husband sucking the air out of one of the bags with the baby vacuum cleaner:

Here is the closet after:

I decided to store all of our girl clothing in the Space Bags since we won't need to get into them until we have another daughter. Our son's clothing will be stored in the ziplocks for the time being (that way I can get into them easily to put away clothing or get the next size. I was happily surprised that all of clothing that we need to store was now able to be kept on the shelf in the closet!

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