Tuesday, October 15

Parent/Teacher Conferences

I just can't believe these grocery store roses.  They were only $4 and stun me with their beauty anew each morning. I think they are the perfect shade of pink and I hope that the shop will stock them again.

Tonight was our first parent teacher conference of the school year.  Our daughter is doing extemely well so far and loves her teachers.  Eighth grade has been very kind to us.  She is more familiar with the public school setting and is also feeling much better physically than she was last year.  It is hard to believe that it has been nearly a year since her Crohn's Disease diagnosis.

I feel like the transition from homeschooling to public schooling has been fairly smooth for her and for me.  I had a lot of anxiety about the changes she would face and was fearful that I had not prepared her for a different type of schooling or that she would not be at the same academic level as her peers.  Thank God, that was not the case.  She is keeping up with everyone and has made a number of friends.  The teachers love her!  They have also not sneered at our choice to home educate.  Her science teacher even suggested that I make homeschooling my career since our girl has turned out so well!  Ha!  If only it were that simple!

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