Monday, October 22

A Quiet Monday

Oh the joy I feel when a big event is past and all of the hard work is done!  Grandfather Bear stayed over last night, so I made a big breakfast for the men and boys after I came home from dropping our sweet girl off at school.  Grandfather had to leave at about 9, so by mid afternoon all of the dishes from Sunday and breakfast were finished off, laundry was folded, and I even had some time to iron my breakfast cloths while watching a little bit of an episode of Vera. We homeschooled in the afternoon and I started the camel stripes on my shawl.  It was a pretty productive day, but felt positively relaxing to do the quiet little everyday chores instead of the more demanding ones that I was doing last week.

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

Thanksgiving is so much fun but yes, a lot of work! I am looking forward to ours later on and have been inviting people already! :) Have 4 coming thus far! :)

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