Tuesday, September 11

World War II Planes

The boys have been diligently working on a project building WWII aircraft out of popsicle sticks together. They've used a ton of popsicle sticks and the hot glue gun.  I ended up buying a new hot glue gun with high/low heat settings after they got burned for the umpteenth time.  The new one works just as well, but the cooler temp has meant no more burns, which is a relief.  The windshields are made exclusively of hot glue spread in sheets, dried, and glued on. 

 I bought a little set of paint yesterday while I was getting groceries and that was a huge hit.  They mixed the colors that they wanted and have spent hours getting everything just right.  Now they're researching  the correct emblems for their planes.  This has been entirely child driven, which makes me very happy!


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