Thursday, August 18

Today was the worst.


Today started off so well.  I made pancakes for breakfast and we began preparations for our big weekend.  In an effort to try to help my husband who was mowing and tidying the church property, I offered to fill up a gas tank for the lawn mower and leaf blower.  Of course the gas spilled all over our beautiful minivan's trunk as I was returning home from the gas station.  Of course.  I spent a few hours trying to clean the mats and rug in the van.  Ultimately I ended up using vinegar and baking soda per Google and had to just let everything soak for the night.

After that ordeal, I told the kids that they could swim.  They got ready and ran out to the pool and while they were swimming I watered the plants on the patio and filled the bird bath.  Just as I sat down to relax, our middle boy started screaming hysterically and emerged from the pool absolutely dripping blood from his mouth.  The kids had been doing the butterfly stroke back and forth pretending to be in the Olympics and he crashed into the cement wall of the pool scraping his chin and biting right through his bottom lip and chin.  Every one of us was completely traumatized.  My husband took one look and sent us to Urgent Care.  Fortunately, there was no need for stitches.  He'll be on a soft diet and some antibiotics to prevent infection for the next 36 hours.

I'm so done.  I'm also so grateful to God that everything today wasn't worse.  Thank God our son is okay.  And is there anything that baking soda can't fix?


Unknown said...

I just read this post. Bless your heart!

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