Monday, July 11

Living and Learning: The Week Ahead...


On My Bedside Table
It was finally my turn to get a copy of  The Summer Before the War from our local library.  I'm about halfway through and am enjoying the tale of a young female Latin teacher arriving in a small English village just before World War I breaks out.

I've been enjoying an incredibly silly show of late:  Robin Hood.  All three seasons are available on Netflix and though it is cheesy, it has hit the spot for me.  Have you seen it?  If not, don't judge it by the first few episodes!

I'm starting to begin the process of choosing our homeschooling courses and books for this coming school year.  One of the things that I am looking at is Liz Steel's Foundations Sketching Course.  Our children really enjoy drawing and art class and for the time being, there are none offered in our area.  This class seems like it would be a good fit (though it is not designed for homeschoolers per se).

On My Needles
I have begun to work on my long neglected Riverbank Cowl again.  Though there will be no cold weather for months, I'd like to finish it quickly so that I can work on some other projects.  It is a wonderfully mindless knit that produces something really lovely, so that won't be a hardship at all!

In the News
I found the recent article Life Behind the Stacks:  The Secret Apartments of New York Libraries to be quite fascinating.  Though it is unlikely that there will be live-in library superintendents in the future, the list of qualifications to be one is impressive to say the least.


DJL said...

I have to laugh that you are watching Robin Hood! My girls and I are on Season 2. They love it and I am enjoying it too (I would watch Richard Armitage paint a fence!) The only thing that makes me crazy are the costumes. They are so poorly done. I swore I saw a zipper on one. But, its fun overall!
Dana (@NieveandEstrellas)

elizabeth said...

so many nice things here! :) so wonderful!

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