Monday, October 5

Living and Learning: This Week...

Church in the Home
October 6th is the feast of Saint Innocent and it is is Father John's namesday!  The children and I are very excited to give their Papa a wonderful day.  I'm not quite sure yet what we'll do, but there will be several services to attend and we can't wait to show him his present (a lovely Saint Innocent figure painted by Sue Dow)

“I never wanted to move, because I love the neighborhood and I’d never leave my church..." 
I spotted a brief story about this sweet little old lady who lives in the same 5 story apartment house she was born in.  The article is great and there is even a little video included: 

On My Needles
I finally re-cast onto the black sweater that I frogged a few weeks ago (when I finished the body, I realized that there was something not quite right with the sleeves and neckline).  I am determined to get it done, but I am not terribly excited by it.  That being said, I am going to try to finish it this month.  We have a lot of driving to do this month and so I am hopeful that I'll be able to do a lot of car knitting.

We like to listen to chapter books when we are in the car.  Our most recent choice is Anne of Green Gables read by Barbara Caruso.  Caruso's voice is amazing and we all look forward to long rides so that we can hear more of the story.

Out and About
As I mentioned, we came up to attend the 100th anniversary of my father-in-law's parish this past weekend.  We will be here for a few more days enjoying our family and friends and favorite places while Father John works in the area a bit.  It is nice to see the beginnings of cooler weather and lovely tinge of foliage.  Autumn is my favorite season and I strive to savor it every year.

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