Monday, May 19

The Boys' Room

Now that the boys are getting bigger, we have had to make some adjustments in our sleeping arrangements.  We finally took the plunge and ordered a bunk bed and it arrived today.  It was quite an exciting delivery!  Father John is also making all of my dreams come true by re-painting the walls in this room.  When we moved in, the walls were florescent green and we hoped that the green paint that we chose would tone it done and give us a jungle-y green color, but it was still too bright.  We've decided to go with the same blue that we used in the playroom (Cloudy Day by Behr).  Hopefully we'll be able to do the reveal by the end of the week!


Flambeaux said...

We finally got two sets of bunks in one of our rooms. With the fold-out couch in there we can sleep up to six.

The kids are excited about their new dormitory.

We're looking at painting this fall. I'll have to take a look at Behr's Cloudy Day.

Thank you for sharing.

elizabeth said...

how fun!!!! I love that blue!!! can't wait to show you via my blog the colours of paint we are doing right now!! :)

Katya said...

Oh, this is so exciting!! I'm looking all over the internet for ideas for a shared girls' room these days...can't wait! I"m so excited to see your update of the "after" of the room!

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