Tuesday, May 6

Living and Learning: May...

The Holy Myrrhbearing Women
Saint Emilia
Sunday of the Paralytic
The Samaritan Woman
Ss. Constantine and Helen
Sunday of the Blind Man

Plant herbs and continue seeding lettuce
Plant seeds for children's garden
Plant window boxes and hanging baskets
Prepare for Sugar Plum’s 8th Birthday
Visit the farmer’s market weekly
Sign up Sugar Plum for sleep-away camp (!)
Sheep and Wool Festival
Tidy shed
Enjoy dining al fresco
Begin planning a spring and summer "bucket list"
Resume Sunday afternoon trips to the beach
Set up knitting corner
Finish Grasshopper Shawl
Work on blanket with Kate's homespun yarn
Read The Scent of Water


Special Days

Saint Emilia – 8th
Mother’s Day – 11th
Full Flower Moon – 14th
Sugar Plum’s Eighth Birthday – 26th

Practice Patience and Love toward one another
Singing – “Christ is Risen”
Practice cleaning the bathrooms together
Practice sweeping
Nature table scene and book basket
Visit a garden
Begin fencing classesCare for bird feeder/plants
Replenish field guide basket
Visit a farm
Butterfly garden
Set up hummingbird feeder
Collect and press flowers
Use the bug house to get a closer look at bugs, frogs, and toads
Hand-wash playsilks with washboard and bucket
Pick strawberries


elizabeth said...

love your lists... :) I am looking forward to some more organization in my life after Mr. Husband and I's move... :) Maybe I will have a knitting corner too! :)

Anonymous said...

I so love your monthly lists. And we have a very similar month planned - all the bright outdoor bustle of May. Except for fencing ... how exciting!

Tahara said...

I love your lists...I have often thought of making a monthly list on my blog inspired by you...Maybe I will actually do it one day...Maybe a public list will motivate me to be more organized than my private lists have been doing :-)

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