Sunday, September 15


I am typing this with only the sound of the Sunday afternoon football game in the background.  My mother-in-law took the little ones to the playground and out for dinner, so I am puttering.  I've done a little laundry and  a little knitting, and now I'm here!

We had my aunt and uncle here for the weekend and it was nice!  There was a lot of church for the feast and of course for the weekend (and they are not Orthodox), but it seemed to work out well since we live on the church property.  We just scurried over when it was time and returned to them when we were finished.  In all honestly, I think that they enjoyed the little bit of silence that they got when we left...  three excited little ones can be loud!

We'll have a slow start to our week for once, though it will end with lots of activity!  The gym class and zoo class that the little ones are signed up for begins on Thursday and we have an adventure to the apple orchard scheduled for Friday.  Oh, and I cannot forget that we are invited to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's house blessing/housewarming next Sunday!  I can't wait!  Should I bring flowers or a candle or something else?

I am knitting up the last bit of my blanket this week and cannot wait to start on a new project.  I think that it will be an Eternity Scarf.  I spotted it on Chelsea's blog and can't get over how pretty it is!   Now to find yarn!

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Mimi said...

What a wonderful quiet time! Enjoy!

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