Tuesday, September 7

If You Like Photography...

Peconic River Sunrise by Rachel Eager

...please consider voting for my cousin Rachel! She is a finalist in a photography contest in her hometown and it would be wonderful for her to win! Here is an e-mail from my aunt explaining how to vote:

Hi everyone!

Just sending out a message to tell you that Rachel is a finalist in a
summer photo contest here in Riverhead and she needs your vote! (You
don't have to live here in order to opine...) Go HERE,
click on the camera icon that says "2010 Contest," and vote in 3
categories...Rachel is in the River Revival category. If she wins, her
photo will be displayed in Town Hall this fall! She is very excited and
we are so proud of her, since not many kids enter this (I think there is
only one other in the finals, and she is in college, not high school) so
we are really hoping she'll win. Thanks so much! I believe it's only
one vote per customer, not once a day or anything like that...

xoxo Jen


Amanda said...

She got my vote what a beautiful picture!

Matushka Anna said...

Just voted...looks like she's winning!

Matushka Anna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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