Tuesday, July 13

A Peaceful, Calm, and Happy Home...

Our insurance company has a new program to help parents of premature babies. Not only do they provide helpful information on caring for an infant, but they have a NICU nurse that contacts us every so often to see how we are getting along (she has even asked about how our older children are coping and how I am feeling). She sent me a packet today on monthly milestones we can expect and also on stress signals the baby might be sending us. In addition, she sent a sheet listing things that we can do to reduce stress in his little life.

  • Soft lights
  • No loud noise
  • Talk to your infant in a calm and quiet voice
  • Avoid too much stimulation
  • Limit objects in the crib
  • Handle your baby slowly and smoothly
  • Bundle your baby when picking her up so that arms and legs are tucked in
  • Help your baby bring their hands near their face
  • No fast movements with the baby
  • Hum or sing softly to your baby
  • Allow your baby to sleep without interruption [Emily's note: Duh!]

As I read this list, it occurred to me that we could all benefit from a home that provides these things (soft lights, quiet, a calm atmosphere, organization, limited clutter, and gentleness). I know that it isn't always possible to keep a peaceful atmosphere in our homes, but a lot of it has to do with how the adults conduct themselves. There is a huge difference in our home when I am running trying to get too many things done, panicking at the slightest setback and when I am moving around calmly doing what I can to keep things going smoothly and happily in our home.

What do you do to cultivate a peaceful, calm, and happy home?


Kate said...

My wheels are turning. We all did sleep in this morning since my oldest had a 104 fever last night, but my daughter has been a mischief maker the moment I got her out of the crib! Peace out the window. LOL!

Anyhow, I like plenty of fresh air in the home, and I play classical music softly in the background. Sometimes I light scented candles.

I've been trying to find more and more ways to make home more peaceful. It's felt cluttered lately, which is easy since my house is so small and we've just added a 3rd baby.

Pres. Kathy said...

I agree with you that if we are calm then so would are whole family and environment. It is so hard to keep that going. When I see myself getting nervous or irritated with something, I say the Jesus prayer. That really helps me. If my little guy is getting loud, I sit with him and do a quiet activity. Hope you are all well!

elizabeth said...

Lovely list!

for me what helps is to have my lampada lamp lit and / or other candles lit by my icons... gives me a feeling of hope and a reminder to look to God for help in prayer, and for help and comfort also from His saints...

Matushka Anna said...

Oh my. I suppose I could use someone's advice on this myself. Five stair-step children running around behind me tend to keep this house anything but calm and peaceful! I like peace and quiet myself (and the girls too to some extent, but I have some little boys who are allergic to it. Perhaps as they grow a little older they will value it more.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful list. Wish I'd had it when mine were little. To keep stress down to a minimum (keeping in mind that "minimum" is always relative), we played classical music all day long, and limited TV to "Sesame Street" -- which I'm not sure I'd allow in my home, if I had small children today.

Love your picture of Baby Hands, and hope you will soon post on how your children are doing, especially Little Man. It broke my heart to read that he was "sad."

Xenia Kathryn said...

That's so great that your insurance is providing such a great service to your family. What a blessing!

Fiona Ferris said...

This post is lovely, Emily. I do what you and others have already mentioned: tidiness, fresh air (even if it's cold I open the windows for at least a few hours a day), candles at dusk, soft msic, being organised and serene, and positive in my speech and thought.

An aside: the word verification for this comment is 'grace'. So appropriate!

Kh. Patty said...

Matushka Anna, my five-year-old is allergic to it too.

To answer Matushka Emily's question, though, I do at least try to let the light in our home reflect the amount of light outside. As in, I open the blinds in the morning and close them and dim the lights somewhat as evening approaches. We play classical guitar music as the kids fall asleep. And we eat meals together. Sitting at a table with family brings me tremendous peace (even when we are constantly reminding the girls that the silverware and pieces of ham are not dolls).

mari k. said...

Mat. Anna -

Just wanted to mention that this post feels like A Peaceful, Calm, and Happy /Blog/ -- a wonderful breath of fresh air.

And for your question, in our household, it seems like, ironically, that constant structured activity is the best way to get peace, calm, and happiness!

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