Saturday, May 23

Stars and Stripes Memorial Day Carnival...

We are fortunate to live near a community that tries to encourage the arts and a sense of community in not only its residents, but also in the surrounding area. During the summer months, they have tons of performances and things for little ones to enjoy! We found out about it late last summer, but I plan to take full advantage this summer - especially because everything is FREE and less than a two minute drive from our house (it would be a wonderful walk, but it is off of a very busy street!).

A juggler on stilts

Carousel rides

Making bookmarks for the troops

Smiley face painting

Doggie painting

Skits, live music, and show tunes

Rocket Ship Slide

Circus Bounce House and Slide

1 comment:

Christine said...

Don't you just Love summer?
All this fun and it's outside!

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