Monday, May 18

May 17th...

It's time for another Commitment to Loveliness! This is a fun way to increase femininity and beauty in our lives each week without even trying! All you have to do is choose five things that you would like to work on or do during the week that will increase the loveliness in your life!

Here is my list for this week:

1.Strawberry picking and my grandmother's tradition of serving strawberry shortcake - and ONLY strawberry shortcake- for dinner that night!
2. An at-home pedicure... it has been put off for far too long!
3. Planning and crafting for a certain birthday girl.
Begin using cloth napkins again.
5. Work towards being more gentle in word and deed.

Once you have chosen five simple things, post them on your blog and let us know in the comments section. If you do not have a blog, but have a commitment to share, please post them in the comments section.


Tiffany said...

I have missed this! So glad I checked in. My list will be up soon. ~Blessings on your day!

Jules said...

I just found this and I think it's such a lovely idea! I have mine up now. Your list is very inspiring! I especially love the strawberry shortcake idea, yummy!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Emma, I've been following your blog for a while now ever since a friend of mine sent me your link and I really enjoy reading your little words of wisdom! ~ Pax! Here's my Commitment to Loveliness!

Mimi said...

My mother has the same tradition for strawberry shortcake dinner.'

My Dh is scandalized, though, so we never do it.

Mrs Marcos said...

I saw the cutest idea for using cloth napkins (I've also given up using paper napkins in favor of cloth). Each family member gets a special 'napkin holder' (either something special like a ladybug napkin ring for a little girl or the wooden napkin rings that can be painted with each family member's name, etc). After each meal the cloths are quickly inspected - clean enough napkins go back in their napkin ring, dirty napkins go in the wash. Less washing and wear & tear for the cloths!

Also, instead of actual napkins I use those inexpensive stacks of colored wash cloths - like $4 for a multi colored stack of 12 or 18 from Kohl's.

And that is my unsolicited pep talk regarding cloth napkins! :)

Anwen said...

I love using cloth napkins, but guests always semm a little shy of them. Somebody always has to explain...they wash!

Rebecca said...

As soon as I leave you, I will be posting my "five simple things" to work to increase femininity and beauty in my life this week. What a soft and gentle encouragement to me this is!

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