Wednesday, May 20

Daily Routines and Cleaning Lists...

When I first became a mother and a homemaker three years ago, I had such an easy time keeping up with everything! We lived in an apartment, I had a little preemie baby that never cried, and I was coming off of three weeks of bed-rest in the hospital so I was raring to go. I absolutely LOVED the first forty days after our daughter's birth and was sad to see it end. We spent the time settling in, getting to know each other, and trying to nurse (and trying and trying and eventually getting it right!). I came up with a daily routine during that time that has served me well for nearly two and a half of those years.

Several homes and another child later, my daily routine list was lacking a bit. I tried to keep the list to five things, but was trying to cram more next to each bullet than I could possibly do each morning, afternoon, and evening. After reading Katherine's posts on homemaking and routines, I revamped mine. I removed things like: rise and shine (which really meant change diapers, dress everyone, brush teeth, hair, and makeup), nap, and tidy up (which meant run through the house picking everything up, empty the garbage cans, and do some laundry) and have replaced it with a more direct list that focuses strictly on our home.

Daily Routine
  • Tidy Kitchen
  • Pick Up
  • Laundry
  • Make Beds and Straighten Rooms
  • Wipe Down a Bathroom
  • Tidy Kitchen
  • Pick Up
  • Water Plants*
  • Vacuum Downstairs Carpets*
  • Laundry
  • Tidy Kitchen
  • Pick Up
  • Collect Trash and Recycling
  • Laundry
  • Prepare for the Next Day
*As needed.
Weekly Cleaning Routine

  • Day of Rest (Ha!)

  • Wash Diapers
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Check Fridge and Pantry
  • Garbage Out
  • Make Bread Dough
  • Clean Upstairs Rooms*
  • Wash Bedding and Towels
  • Wash Kitchen Linens
  • Playdate Day/Errands/Recycling
  • Wash Diapers
  • Clean Downstairs Rooms*
  • Wash Diapers
  • Catch Up Day/Errands
  • Wash Diapers
  • Menu Planning/Week Planning
  • Shopping List
  • Wash Kitchen Linens
* My cleaning routine falls by the wayside A LOT! I rely on the tidying, bathroom wiping, and vacuuming that I do pretty regularly during the week. Quite often my cleaning routine really is: "Oh, that dresser is really dusty! When did I vacuum upstairs last? My, that potty needs a good scrubbing! Oh dear, we have guests coming and the house hasn't been cleaned in weeks!" And then I do it.


Anonymous said...

I love your weekly routine for Sunday. For mothers, that is so, so true!

Courtney said...

Oh, I need some serious work in this area. My former routine bit the dust when baby #2 came along. I need to figure out a good routine to juggle my household duties with the focused activities I do with the boys.

Dianna said...

I am working on this right now! I'm really good at writing up elaborate routines and really horrible at following them.

But this time I tried to be more realistic, and I'm trying to keep up. I'm focusing on one thing at a time--I started with daily things, like kitchen, and now I'm moving on to laundry, which has been my nemesis for the past year. Forming habits a little at a time but still having a complete routine, even if it doesn't all get done yet at this point, feels incredibly freeing to me--I wake up each morning knowing what I'm going to do instead of wondering how I'll pass the time.

Thanks for sharing your routine!

Pres. Kathy said...

Thanks for posting this routine. I find that our schedule is so hectic and every week is so different that I plan accordingly every week. Now I just wish I kept to my cleaning schedule better!

Bethany Hudson said...

Emma, I love reading other women's routines, especially when they are so personalized. Thank you for sharing.

Erin said...

I'll have to remember this post when we move into our new rental house in August at which time I am determined to find a routine.

I noticed "make bread dough" on Monday. I want to start baking bread for my family in the new house, any recipes you'd recommend?

Angela said...

How industrious! I, too find my cleaning schedule gets pushed back a lot - especially when I feel that cleaning would take away from interacting with the children - it's such a struggle to find that balance.

I love your clover bouquet - my daughter picked me one, too, today -

MamaBirdEmma said...

Hi Erin!

Without a doubt, I would recommend "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes A Day." Phenomenal!

Michelle M. said...

That sounds a lot like me! When I get back from my trip, I am planning to get my schedule going again. I feel like my life has been completely out of order since we moved. It will be nice to get things back to the way they used to be.

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