Monday, June 9

Keepin' it Real Meme...

I was tagged by Sylvia for this Keepin' it Real Meme.

The intention of this meme is to see how fellow bloggers, whose lives seem to be perfect, really are in their real life environments. I thought this was really fun, but remember NO PRIMPING THE PHOTOS! This means you cannot tidy up before pics!

1. My Refrigerator

As you can see, the top of the fridge is still loaded with Easter baskets and Candy... YIKES! The freezer side is a huge mess, but the fridge part isn't too bad since today was garbage day AND grocery day!

2. Our family closet

All of my clothing (except pajamas and underclothes) and my daughter's things are here. Some of my husband's things are here and some are in a dresser and most of our son's clothes are in baskets above the changing table. I am hoping to find a tall dresser to replace the rubbermaid thing to store all of the children's folded clothing and hang the rest. We've been using this system for nearly a year now, and it has been working beautifully! Please ignore the piles of outgrown clothing on the floor... I need to do some tidying/organizing!

3. Our sink

It is piled with dishes from the day. When I went to unload the dishwasher this morning, I found that the machine had not done it's job... I still have to go load these!

4. Our toilet

This is one of our three bathrooms. I use it for taking my showers and getting ready in the morning, so that is my basket of things on top.

5. My favorite Pair of Shoes

These are my only sandals. They are getting bit worn down, so I am looking for a similar pair to replace them. I hope that I can find a pair that is both casual and dressy and in such a nice color.

6. My Favorite Room

I love our family room. We just got the couches and they are so comfortable (we still need some throw pillows and blankets to lighten things up). Fr. John and I watch movies and tv in here, we read, eat lunch on a blanket, and just generally enjoy one another here.

7. My Favorite Spot

I like our kitchen table a lot. One of our neighbors was getting rid of it when we were moving out of our first apartment and we found the matching chairs at Target. While it is probably not something that I would have chosen myself, it is worn in all the right places and has served us well for two years. We eat all of our meals here and recently, this has become the little mama and daughter hangout. We do arts and crafts here, drink juice and eat snacks, work on learning new skills, and practice talking here.

8. Here is our pile of clean laundry in the hallway. Happily, I only have few things in the hamper right now because I've been keeping up with things. Usually, my problem is not washing the clothes, but is putting them away. Lately I've been removing them from the dryer and folding them and putting them away while our daughter falls asleep at night. It's been working well, but I definitly need to get a wicker basket of some sort to store the clothes during the day. It isn't too pretty to come up the stairs and be confronted with a mountain of laundry!

9. The Room I Need to Clean

With all of our travels the next two weeks, I don't think that much actual cleaning will be done. I stripped the bed today and intended to clean, but there hasn't been time. I will settle for clean sheets now though!

10. My Dream Vacation

The place of my birth, England. I was born there but my parents returned home to America when I was three months old. I've never been back, but I hope to someday!

Tag!! You're it!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping it "real" its always nice to see fellow bloggers showcase their homes, tidy or not.

Anonymous said...

That was awesome! But still, your house is super tidy...hum, mine wouldn't have faired so well...

::Sylvia:: said...

thanks for playing along! everything is so clean and beautiful!btzmbtz

Mimi said...


You were born in England? Tell us more!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for sharing your home with us. Yes, tell us more about being born in England!

Martha said...

Gosh, your house has so much natural light, it's beautiful...your kitchen sink with all the dishes yet to be washed LOOKS fabulous...really, it looks lived in and cozy!

Unknown said...

What a great post! Thanks for sharing! I love your shoes! & am jealous of your closet.

Cha said...

OK, it's decided. I'm totally not playing this one!

(Loved the look at your lovely home, tho!)

Unknown said...

wanted to invite you to link your Keeping it Real post to my blog fest I'm hosting tomorrow. Marfa was the inspiration behind it all! Come play; it'll be fun!

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