Sunday, June 25

My Head to Toe Beauty Routine...

Every week or so, I get the urge to do a little bit of pampering and matenence. Though I suppose this could be construed as vanity, I feel that it is important to have a neat and pretty countenance. This was good to do when I was a working woman, but it seems to be nearly necessary now that I am home full time. I have already found that it is quite easy to fall into a more slovenly manner of appearance and dress when I am not going anywhere and am operating on less sleep than I am accustomed to.

Here is what I do to help myself feel a bit more human:

First, if time allows, I draw myself a bath. I add bubbles or bath salts to make the water fragrant. I have also been known to light candles and put on some soothing music. I bring in a freshly laundered towel and a book or favorite magazine and then I soak. I soak for as long as I can!

Since I no longer have the luxury of time, I take a bit of a short cut by taking a shower instead. Once I am feeling relaxed by the nice hot water, I take care of my body from head to toe. I wash my hair carefully and condition it well. I wash my body with a bath scrub and a sweet smelling body wash. Next, I carefully shave my underarms and legs. When I am finished washing and drying, I continue my Head to Toe Beauty Routine at the sink.

The next part of my routine is to pluck my eyebrows. I have found that the best time to do this is right after bathing because it hurts less. After plucking, I put a Biore Pore Peeler onto my nose and clean my jewelry while it is working. Next, I carefully moisturize my face and body. Finally, I do a manicure and pedicure (sometimes I get these done at a nail salon... usually for special occasions).

I have found that going through this routine about once a week helps me feel better about putting my "best foot forward." I wonder if other women have beauty nights like this. If you do, I would love to read about what yours consists of!

(originally posted on my blog, Dairy of a Young Wife) 

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