Tuesday, June 27


With the addition of a baby into our household, we have had more visitors come to our little abode than ever before! I am ashamed to say it, but I have often found myself in a bit of a pickle when a well-meaning friend or relative calls and asks if they can pop in for a minute. Up until very recently, the apartment was messy and there wasn't much to offer our guests in the way of refreshment. Fortunately, I have begun doing my little tidying up ritual every morning which takes care of the mess and eliminates the need for scurrying around with the dust buster while trying to simultaneously soothe the baby and toss clutter into the hall closet.

Having a tidy house doesn't mean that I have refreshments for my guests though. I have been giving a lot of thought to stocking my pantry with quick and easy things to serve in a snap. Here are some of the ideas that I have come up with:

Frozen juices (add water and frozen juice concentrate to a pitcher and voila!)

Hummus and mini pita bread
Vegetables and dip platter
fruit (to eat whole or as a fruit salad)
Crackers and Cheese
Baked goods (homemade banana bread, muffins, etc.)

I am sure that many of you even better ideas! Please write them in:) I would love to compile a list to keep in my recipe box to refer to. 

(originally posted on my blog, Dairy of a Young Wife) 

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