Monday, June 26

Emma's Morning Routine...

Now that I have gotten used to going through our apartment every morning and tidying up (see Emma's Daily Cleaning Routine), I have decided to add another schedule to my day: Emma's Morning Routine. I had this down pat (except for the Tidy House bit) while I was working, but have gotten off track since having been in the hospital for so long and then having a new baby to care for. I am ashamed to say it, but there are days when I am still in my pajamas at noon and haven't done anything but feed and change the baby and stumble around the apartment in a fog. This was perfectly acceptable while I was getting used to mothering, but now that I feel better and things are going a bit more smoothly, I think that it is time to get into something of a routine. Please don't laugh at how simplistic it is. I am honestly at the point where I need to remind myself to do these simple little tasks. Here it is:

Emma's Morning Routine
  • Rise and Shine (freshen up, dress femininely, make-up, hair, scent)
  • Morning Prayers
  • Breakfast, vitamin, and water
  • Tidy House
  • Write out the day’s “to do” list
*With the exception of tidying the house (which is pretty involved and takes a bit of time), all of the above must be completed before noon each day!*

(originally posted on my blog, Dairy of a Young Wife) 

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