Thursday, January 6

A Joyful January

Celebrating Theophany (after Liturgy, of course!) with a little lunch that includes a bear claw pastry. I often hear that people don't like January, but I think that is because January for people without a life in the Church is one of austerity. They are dieting after months of feasting and merrymaking. Their homes have been denuded of decorations and the warmth that comes with the wintery feasts, but for Orthodox Christians it is a celebratory month with Nativity/Christmas, Theophany, and Meeting of the Lord (on February 2nd, but there are preparationsfor that), eating the foods we like again after the Fast, and house blessing season. Plus, the tree is still up, we're enjoying warm blankets, fires in the hearth, Candlelight, and general coziness! January is a great month! 

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