Saturday, May 1

Red Eggs!


Red Eggs! I dyed with onion skins and used @asceticlifeofmotherhood's tutorial. I put all of the dried, papery skin of about fifteen onions in a pot and covered them with water. I brought the pot of water and onion skins to a boil, pushing the onion skins under the water every so often (eventually they all stayed submerged). Once the water was boiling, I turned the burner down and let everything simmer for 30 minutes. While this was going on,, I left my eggs out to come to room temperature. Next, I strained the onion skins out of the pot by pouring everything through a strainer into a large bowl. I returned the dye to the pot and brought it back up to a boil. I added 1 tablespoon of white vinegar to the dye and put in twelve eggs, cooking them for 15 minutes. Once the eggs were done, I removed them from the dye and let them dry and cool on a cooling rack. Once the eggs were completely cool, I rubbed them with olive oil. This will make them glow like rubies, but most importantly, it will seal the color and prevent the eggs from forming condensation when you put them in your Pascha basket from the fridge! Aren't they gorgeous? Thanks for the tutorial, @asceticlifeofmotherhood! 

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