Thursday, December 24

Christmas Eve



I love, love, LOVE the little Ikea tree in our bedroom! It makes everything seem more magical and it make our room WONDERFUL.

We decorated the church this afternoon which was a pleasure because it looks so good, but mainly we had everything we needed (i.e. all the lights worked!), so it was quick and easy.

I set up our little Nativity scene right outside the old choir loft door tonight and lit candles (the idea comes from Tasha Tudor!).  I would normally have done this on the bridge going into the forest, but it was rainy and so very windy.  Despite the fact that the candles kept going out, the children were delighted. I would love to make a cave or stable for everything set it up further away from the church so that people would have to take a small pilgrimage to see it.  I must try to plan better!

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