Sunday, April 7

The Mid-Point of the Fast...

Having come to the mid-point of the fast, let me reflect:

Have I accepted Great Lent as a “gift” from God, with thanksgiving?

Have I spent the last three weeks in a meaningfully different way?

Have I participated in the lenten services that are held during the week, Monday through Friday?

Have I used the lenten prayer of Saint Ephraim in my morning and evening
prayers, and at other times throughout the day?

In addition to the Holy Scriptures, what kind of spiritual reading have I done?  Have I learned more about my Faith? Have I read spiritual works which can
help me in my prayers, dealing with others, and spiritual faults and needs?

Am I preparing myself to make a good, honest, and humble Confession? Do I really believe that I am confessing my sins to Jesus Christ? Am I aware that the Lord sees my inner heart and will know if I only recite my sins, instead of being truly sorrowful and deeply committed to avoid repeating them?

In what ways will I struggle in the second part of Great Lent that I have so far left unattended?

What price am I willing to pay in order to die and live in Christ? Am I willing to trade the earth for
heaven? Am I willing to deny myself, take up my cross and follow Him to His heavenly Kingdom?

From Father John's Sunday Bulletin

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