Sunday, September 30


There was so much to say and to tell.  The big sitting room had never looked so beautiful.  The walls were dark brown now;  every year the pine boards grew darker.  The table was covered with the red-checked cloth, and the braided rag rugs were gay on the floor.  The rocking chairs stood by the white-curtained window;  Mary's boughten chair, and the willow chair that Pa had made for Ma so long ago in the Indian territory.  The patchwork cushions were in them, and there was Ma's workbasket and her knitting with the needles thrust into the ball of yarn.  Kitty lazily stretched and yawned, and came to curve purring against Laura's ankles.  There on Pa's desk was the blue-bead basket that Mary had made."

These Happy Golden Years
Laura Ingalls Wilder

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