Thursday, April 5

Living and Learning: April

Palm Sunday
Great and Holy Week
Bright Week
Saint Thomas Sunday
Saint George
Sunday of the Myrrh-Bearing Women

Lenten Cleaning
Meal Planning & Weekly Shopping
Prepare for Pascha
Confession for Father John and Me
Paschal Food
Paschal Clothes
Paschal Baskets, Egg Hunt and Decorations
Begin Indoor Herb Garden
Care for Seedlings
Plant Flowers in Window Boxes, Pots, and Hanging Baskets
Organize, Clean, and Replenish Rain Gear
Start a Little Herb Garden Indoors
Begin Switching Out Cold Weather Clothing for Warm
Update Bike Helmets
Upgrade Button's Carseat

Knights and Dragons

Resume Sunday Night Family Dinners

Special Days
Father John's Baptism Anniversary - 1st
Full Paschal Moon - 6th
+Oksana - 28th
Kate and Pete's Baby's Duedate - 28th

Practice Being Still and Quiet during Prayers and Services
Learn the Prayer of Saint Ephraim
Festal Learning basket for Palm Sunday and Holy Week
Festal Learning Basket for Pascha
Festal Learning Basket for Saint George"April Showers Bring May Flowers"
Tidy bedrooms each morning
Learning How to Put Away Laundry
Nature Table Scene
Book Basket
Listen to Sparkle Stories
Learning How to Draw Books
Magnetic Lenten Calender
Puddle Walks
Children's Garden
Holding Candles in Church Carefully (with Adult Supervision)
Practice patience and love towards one another
Make a rainbow of playdough
Play with Modeling Beeswax
Butterfly Growing Kit
Earth Day (22nd)
Go Out for Ice Cream on the Boardwalk

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