Sunday, March 25


At dusk Sarah cut Caleb's hair on the front steps, gathering his curls and scattering them on the fence and ground. Seal batted some hair around the porch as the dogs watched.

"Why?" asked Caleb.

"For the birds," said Sarah. "They will use it for their nests. Later we can look for nests of curls."

"Sarah said 'later,'" Caleb whispered to me as we spread his hair about. "Sarah will stay."

Sarah cut Papa's hair, too. No one else saw, but I found him behind the barn, tossing the pieces of hair into the wind for the birds.

Sarah brushed my hair and tied it up in back with a rose velvet ribbon she had brought from Maine. She brushed hers long and free and tied it back, too, and we stood side by side looking in the mirror. I looked taller, like Sarah, and fair and thin. And with my hair pulled back I looked a little like her daughter. Sarah's daughter."

Sarah, Plain and Tall
Patricia MacLachlan


Kat's Credence said...

I never read the books, but the movies were a staple of my childhood!

HannahW said...

My mama read these books to us when I was very young, before we were allowed to watch the movies! In a few years, I will reading them to my little ones! Can hardly wait!

Mama Bear said...

wonderful book :)

Anonymous said...

my girls and i LOVE this series! we have not seen the movies ... i have admired them from afar on amazon. ... worth a purchase?

*we cut our boys' hair at home, and will never let it get thrown away. it always just gets swept away for the birds :)

i've enjoyed your Reading posts ... i may have to start sharing what i've been reading the same way. lovely.


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