Monday, March 19

Lenten Cleaning: Week Four...

Office, Entrance, and Paschal Shopping

Clean Windows, Picture Frames, and Mirrors
Vacuum Rugs
Sweep Floors
Mop Wood Floors
Wash Curtains and Dust Blinds
Organize Cabinets and Drawers
Toss Garbage
Make Donation of Unwanted Items to Goodwill
Purchase Sugar Plum's Dress, Sweater, Headband, and Sandals
Purchase Little Man's Shirt, Pants, Vest, and Sandals
Purchase Button's Shirt, Pants, Vest, and Sandals
Begin Scouting Out Paschal Basket Goodies


Jane G Meyer said...

(Second comment on the same post, because sometimes they seem to disappear mysteriously...)

I need this prodding to think of all our Pascha things--gifts, and clothes, and the fact that I want to grow some wheat for a little grass patch :)

Also, am curious where you got the burlap and thread. Just love it!

willfulmina said...

Is that embroidery I spy? Your little ones and I are going to have so much fun this weekend! Have Sugarplum bring her knitting!

MamaBirdEmma said...

Jane, we got half a yard of burlap at Hobby Lobby. We also chose yarn needles there. Sugar Plum has been happy as a lark this past week working on her "sewing."

Martha said...

I ♥ how you put "Lenten cleaning" instead of "spring cleaning" as it has a double meaning! Cleaning of the house and soul.

Have you sewn with felt? That's also really good for little ones. And an embroidery hoop makes it easier, if you can get the thicker stuff into it...

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