Friday, July 8

Learning Basket: Blueberries...

Blueberries for Sal
Peter in Blueberry Land
A Fair Bear Share

Pick Blueberries
Make Blueberry Treats: Jam, Pancakes, Buckle, Crisp, Sauce for Ice Cream, etc.
Freeze Fresh Blueberries for the Cold Months Ahead
Go on a Color Hunt to Find Things that are Blue
Do a Few Counting and Sorting Activities with Fresh Blueberries



priest's wife said...

"Blueberries for Sal" is one of my all time favorite books...time for some blueberry cobbler...yum

Anna said...

ooh fun, we have been picking and freezing blueberries like crazy in the past 2 weeks!

Mimi said...

It's still too early for them here, but they are my favorite fruit, and the books are wonderful!
If you lived close to me, I'd teach your little ones to make blueberry jam.

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