Wednesday, October 13

Learning Basket: Owls...

Owl Babies
The Littlest Owl
Goodnight Owl
The Owl and the Pussycat
Owl Moon

Crafts and Activities
Visit the local zoo to try to spot the owls they have there
Color a picture of an owl and then add feathers to the picture
Oral storytelling using an owl finger puppet as a prop
Play Hide the Owl (we'll take turns hiding the little owl finger puppet somewhere in a room while the others keep their eyes closed and then try to find it)

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Aubri said...

Our first week with our Learning Basket is going very well. My girls have had so much fun and so have I. It's nice to give yourself a theme to work with instead of just finding random crafts and activities. Thanks for the inspiration! I love your blog.

I didn't know if the email address in your profile was the best way to contact you or to just make comments here. I wanted to know how you manage household duties and time for "instruction"? Especially with the age and developmental differences of your children. I have three children, my oldest turned two in July, I have a 16 month old and a 6 week old, so I'm having a difficult time with that right now. Of course I did just have another baby so I'm still adjusting but I'm eager to get into a good routine if that's possible! Maybe you have some tips on this subject?


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