Friday, January 29

Pink and Red...

Each January, the desire to fill the house with red and pink is hard to overcome. I love Valentine's Day and adding these splashes of color really brightens things up after the sparkly Christmas tree comes down and the dull gray-brown landscape is in full view from every window.

Cake from earlier in the week

Breakfast Hot Chocolate

Begonias in delicate pinks and greens

Pink paper plates for our House Blessing

Paper napkins to go with the plates


elizabeth said...

how lovely! colour is such a blessing; I also love pink and red! :) (just took down my little apartment coffee table sized Christmas tree, WAH.! :) )

hope you have a good weekend!

Bethany Hudson said...

Beautiful! The begonias are lovely. I was thinking I would like to buy some...unfortunately, my son thinks that all such things are fun to dig in!!

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