Tuesday, November 3

Living and Learning for November...


Archangel Michael

St Nectarios

Saint Martin

Entry of the Most Holy Theotokos

Kursk Root Icon


Purchase last bits of warm clothing for the cold weather

Plan for our Thanksgiving Feast with my in-laws on the 8th

Set up Reading Room

Plan Cleaning List for Nativity Fast

Plant Bulbs

Buy Pansies

Feather the nest with down blankets for the beds, warm throws for the living room, pajamas and slippers, candles, slippers and a stock of teas and cocoa

Read Alouds

Henry and Mudge Books



Winter Beds



Laura Ingalls Wilder Books (My First Little House)


Establish a Firm Evening Routine for After Dinner: A Craft, Games or Puzzles, Bathtime, Prayers, Books, and Bed

Special Days

2nd Full Frosty/Beaver Moon

9th Uncle Nick’s Namesday and Birthday

11th Veterans Day

17th National Bread Baking Day

20th Uncle Gregory’s Namesday

26th Thanksgiving


Plan for The Tree of Jesse Lesson Block

Little Man’s Namesday, St Nicholas Day, Little Man’s Birthday, and Nativity Gift Planning and Buying


Practice Being Still and Quiet during Prayers and Services

Singing – “Our Father”

The Sign of the Cross for Little Man

Tidying up Toys after Play

Tidying the floor after meals using the dust buster

Nature table scene and book basket

Visit the State Park


Go to Story Hour Weekly

Messy Art at the Local Bookstore

Lacing Cards

Caring for Our Fish

The Tree of Jesse – Christmas Preparation

Thanksgiving Vacation Fun (?)


Elizabeth said...

I loved reading your list. What a wonderful mother you must be.

Hey, I thought that St. Nicolas day was December 6th?


MamaBirdEmma said...

Hi Elizabeth! Yes, Saint Nicholas is celebrated on December 6th. There is another saint, St Nectarios who's life we also celebrate. You can read about his life here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nectarios_of_Aegina

My brother-in-law is named Nectarios, so we celebrated his namesday on Sunday (his feast is today).

magda said...

I have only rarely come across a sung "Our Father" in the Orthodox tradition. What music do you use?

MamaBirdEmma said...

Here is one of the ones that we use:


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