Thursday, June 7

Feminine Five Senses Meme...

If you wanted to feel as feminine as can be and could do five things to celebrate your femininity by using each of your five senses, what would you do?

Here's my list:

  • Hearing: I would put on some soft music. Some of my favorites are Norah Jones, Soft classical music and my Linda Ronstadt c.d. of lullabies.
  • Sight: Something that always makes me feel more feminine and in control is a tidy house. Quickly picking up any clutter, whisking away dishes, and putting away toys always make things seem a bit better.
  • Taste: I would bake something special and brew a pot of tea. There is nothing nothing more tasty than a delicate afternoon tea!
  • Touch: Something that always makes me feel more feminine is having freshly shaved and moisturized legs. It's an immediate pick-me-up and totally worth the effort.
  • Smell: Without a doubt, I would have to say a nice long bath with plenty of sweet-smelling bubbles followed by a rich lotion. It is always nice to have a bit of fragrance surrounding me during the day.

If you feel inspired, I'd love to read what things you would choose to do to celebrate your femininity!


Anonymous said...

I thought I would just do this in your comments section:

Hearing- classical music or something calming (John Mayer, Sarah MacLachlan)
Sight- candles lit in a very clean, warm house
Taste- a nice glass of red wine or a scone or muffin with tea
Touch- soft blankets or the smooth skin and hair of my child
Smell- vanilla candles or any of my lotions spread on smooth skin

This makes me want to do all of these things today :)

Alicia said...

I'd never listened to Norah Jones, but I did yesterday after reading your post. Loved her music. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Painting my toenails, and lathering my arms and legs with scented feminine pick-me-up.
I love your suggstions!
Jenny in Australia

Anonymous said...

Taste: Black Tea
Sight: Flowers in every room, like orchids and bluebells
Touch: Soft blankets, velvit clothing
Hearing: Favorite music
Smell: Open windows to let in fresh air, smelling fresh

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