Thursday, January 18


The kids have been attending basketball clinics and have joined a nearby town's basketball teams.  With all of the different ages of our little ones and the fact that we have boys and a girl, we are at basketball Mondays., Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  It's a bit much some days, but everyone is having fun and I am getting in a lot of knitting.  This past week was a great week for our older two:  Sugar Plum scored a buzzer beater and Little Man got a three pointer! 

Wednesday, January 17

Ribbit, Ribbit

I have been happily knitting away this month on a Ramona Light Cardigan and was very sad to discover when I cracked into the second skein of onyx fingering weight yarn and discovered that there was a massive color difference between the two skeins.  I cannot believe that I did not remember that I needed to alternate skeins when using hand-dyed yarn.  Though I really didn't want to scrap all of the work from the past two weeks, I decided to start again.  I know that it will be worth it in the end!

Tuesday, January 16


This hand-blown bulb vase was my souvenir from our trip to Colonial Williamsburg this past June. I should have purchased several!  I love buying useful and unbranded trinkets on our vacations. When I spy these treasures around the house long after a trip is over, wonderful memories of our visit flood back.  I hope that we'll be able to return to Williamsburg again this year.

Monday, January 15

Google Arts and Culture

Have you tried the Google Arts and Culture app yet?  I loved taking selfies to see if there was a portrait that matched my face.  Apparently, I have two sides to my personality! 

Saturday, January 13

A Sigh of Relief

I adore leisurely Saturdays that start with pancakes and bacon, and include misty winter walks, and lots of knitting.  They are such a relief after a long school week!

E and J

Our daughter embroidered these tea towels with our initials on them this week!  I love them!

Friday, January 12

Quiet Nights

There are a few movies that I love to re-watch every few years.  One of them is Open Range.  I got the hankering to see it again last night and found that it was the perfect accompaniment to my latest knitting project, a Ramona Light Cardigan.
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