Friday, November 13

Preparing for a Beautiful Nativity

Preparing for a Beautiful Nativity

November 15: Set Up Nativity Countdowns/ Clean out fridge and Pantry and grocery shop for Lenten foods

November 16: plant paperwhite and/or amaryllis bulbs in pots to enjoy indoors during the Nativity season.

November 17: purchase chocolate coins and small gifts for Saint Nicholas Day!

November 18: organize, dust, and style your bookshelves. Set aside books you no longer want for donation.

November 19: tidy children's play areas and cull toys for donation.

November 20: donate money and/or canned goods to your local food pantry for Thanksgiving Clean and organize bathroom cabinets and drawers

November 21: Celebrate the feast of the Entry of the Most Holy Mother of God in the Temple (New Calendar)! Tidy the linen closet.

November 22: Go through clothing drawers. Set aside clothing to donate.

November 23: Tidy closets and set aside things to donate.

November 24: purchase and plant bulbs to plant for the spring.

November 25: Get ready for Thanksgiving!

November 26: Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27: Research Christmas activities in the area

November 28: Plan Christmas gift lists and organize/declutter dvds and cds.

November 29: plan your Christmas menu and the outfits your family will wear to church!

November 30: Tidy hall closet(s) and begin lists for Nativity celebrations, foods, treats, parties, etc.

December 1: Bring out Christmas books. Try your hand at making citrus ornaments!

December 2: Tidy craft supplies and Make applesauce/cinnamon ornaments

December 3: Straighten bedside tables and plan Christmas cards.

December 4: Tidy kitchen cabinets and plan Christmas cookie and treat bakes

December 5: Listen to a recording of The Messiah and freshen up the laundry room

December 6: Happy Saint Nicholas Day! Plan Christmas guest lists and finalize charitable Christmas giving

December 7: tidy cleaning supplies and add a new Christmas book or album of music to your Christmas collection.

December 8: Watch a Christmas movie as a family

December 9: organize and weed through board games and decorate mantle.

December 10: Preparing for a Beautiful Nativity: purchase things to make a gingerbread house (now or later) and deep clean the bathroom(s).

December 11: Deep clean the bedroom(s).

December 12: deep clean the hallway(s) and entrance.

December 13: Joyous Feasts of Saints Lucia and Herman! Add twinkle lights or candles to your windows and deep clean the living room.

December 14: Decorate the outside of your house!

December 15: Hang a wintery wreath on your front door and take a drive to look at Christmas lights!

December 16: Hang stockings and deep clean the dining room.

December 17: Put out the nativity set and deep clean the kitchen.

December 18: wrap gifts and deep clean the playroom/area of your home.

December 19: Put out Christmassy/wintery soaps by the sink(s) and run errands.

December 20: Do some paper crafts and put out Christmassy scented candles.

December 21: Put out a Christmas centerpiece on your table and choose a new ornament for your Christmas tree.

December 22: Decorate the Christmas tree!

December 23: Wrap any leftover gifts

December 24: Last minute preparations for Nativity

December 25: Joyous Feast of Nativity!


julie said...

I have enjoyed your blog for years! Thanks for this great list--it was just what I needed to see today as the holiday chaos begins. I like the one-task-per-day approach! Here's to a joyful and meaningful Christmas :)

Laura C. said...

What a fantastic idea. Planning to print this out. Thank you.

MamaBirdEmma said...

Thank you, Julie and Laura!

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