Friday, March 29

Thunder Cloud Plum Trees...

Sugar Plum made the exciting discovery today that our Thundercloud Plum trees are flowering!  These trees were planted in the late spring last year and painstakingly tended by Father John all summer and autumn.  It looked like they wouldn't make it, but all that attention must have paid off!  It is exciting to see these little buds and blooms.  I trimmed a few small branches off to force in a mason jar on our nature table.  I hope that they are a nice addition!


elizabeth said...


Jane G Meyer said...

The photos are beautiful! We have a plum tree, too, and each February I prune the tree and bring all the prunings inside to put in vases and give lots away. They always flower and bring us such joy! So glad you have a tree to tend. Enjoy!

Corrie B said...

Fantastic! I imagine it makes a lovely cut flower for a while, I hope it lasts a while for you.

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