Tuesday, May 2

ABC Meme That's Going Around...

Accent: I suppose one could say that my accent is a northern New Jersey accent... I don't think that I speak with the typical "New Joisey" accent that some people are fond of poking fun of! I wish that I spoke with a British accent, but since my parents are American and we only lived there for the first three months of my life, it was never a likely possibility!

Bible book I like best: I think that I would have to say the book of Esther. We recently watched dvd that told the story of Esther and I liked it so much!!

Chore I Don't Care For: I really don't have a particular chore that I don't like doing... when I was younger, I couldn't stand cleaning the toilet. As I got older, I really disliked washing dishes in a dishpan that had little bits of food in the water. Now, my difficulty is getting myself started with the housework... once I begin, I am good to go!

Dog or Cat: I love kitty cats! The cat that I loved the most was a big grey tom cat named Thomas... after naughty Tom Kitten in Beatrix Potter books. He was such a sweet cat and he loved to be held and cuddled. Unfortunately, Hubby isn't fond of animals, so I don't think we'll have one anytime soon:(

Essential Electronics: I suppose that I like my laptop the best... Since it belongs to the school that I teach in though, I will have to turn it in by the end of May. Yes, I have only twenty more days left in my teaching career! I will officially be a homemaker as of June 1st!!

Favorite Cologne(s): I recently bought a bottle of Burberry London (with a gift card)and have been enjoying it very much. It combines roses and jasmine which are two of my very favorite scents! I only sprits on a little though, because it can be quite potent!

Gold or Silver: I like white gold the best. My engagement ring and wedding band are made of white gold and I also have a little white gold cross and chain and white gold earrings. I like it better then silver which tarnishes easily.

Handbag I carry most often: I really like pocketbooks! The one that I have been using the most lately is a brown Longchamps bag that I bought with my birthday money. I have always purchased black ones, but felt that black was too "heavy" for Spring and Summer. I have been happy with this one so far!

Insomnia: Thankfully, I don't suffer from Insomnia... I am sure that I will soon suffer from Infant Related Insomnia soon though;)

Job Title: Currently- Wife, Mama, and Teacher
As of June 1st- Wife and Mama

Kids: One little baby on the way!

Living arrangements: A lovely apartment that we feel very cozy in... with the exception of the leaky dining room!!

Most admirable trait: The ability not to hold onto anger for long.

Naughtiest childhood behaviour: Probably taking things that didn't belong to me... at one point I was a real Miss Sticky Fingers!

Overnight hospital stays: None that I can remember. I know that I was in the hospital for a week when I was an infant and then again when I was a toddler. I will have to stay overnight when the baby comes though... I am a bit nervous about that!

Phobias: Being alone. I didn't like when John had to go one two week-long business trips. I had never been alone in a house or apartment overnight before (I grew up in a large family and lived there until I was married) and I didn't like it one bit!! Every noise scared me!


Religion: Orthodox Christian

Siblings: Three younger sisters (Anna-22, Katharine-18, and Juliana-17) and one younger brother (Nicolas-10).

Time I wake up: I wake up at 6:30 am and hit the snooze button until 6:48 am.

Unusual talent or skill: I can wiggle my ears and I can also raise one eyebrow which can convey surprise or amazement (both positive and negative)... a real help in being a teacher!

Vegetable I refuse to eat: I love all vegetables... I don't like mangos though!

Worst habit: It's a toss-up between cracking my knuckles and biting my nails.

X-rays: Only one that was not dental. It was on my ankle which was puffy and swollen because I slipped and fell on some ice. Fortunately, nothing was broken.

Yummy stuff I cook: Shepherd's Pie, Brownies, and Chocolate Chip cookies.

Zoo animal I like most: Giraffes

(originally posted on my blog, Dairy of a Young Wife) 

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