Sunday, March 19

An Enjoyable Weekend...

Thank you to everyone who posted encouraging words about my blah day on Friday. I am hoping that this week will be less filled up and have some time for relaxing... Hopefully I won't feel so overwhelmed by the time that Friday and the weekend roll around.

We had a good time at my husband's aunt and uncle's home. They were babysitting two of their grandchildren which was enjoyable. A. and N. are three and two respectively, so they are a bit of a handful to care for. It was good that we were there to help them a bit. I watched N. During the Liturgy today (good practice for when the baby comes). He was sweet, quiet, and very good during the service.

Before we came home we stopped at Titan foods in Astoria (a huge Greek supermarket). We stocked up on hummus, pita bread, olives, calamari, etc. I think that it will be a good break for John to have some of his favorite foods as a little treat. Great Lent can be difficult in the middle... Some variety seems to make it more bearable.

Today was also my mother-in-law's Nameday (Saint Daria), so we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant (We had a pretty ethnic day!!) with John's parents and brothers. It was nice and very laidback... I was quite happy not to have to cook dinner:) We finally came home at about 8 and I've been puttering around since then. I think that I am pretty much ready to face the week. I will probably have a small snack and then go to bed. I am pooped!

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