Wednesday, November 9

A Long Absence...

Whew! I have been gone from his blog for a long time!

Lots has been going on for us... John was ordained to the deaconate on Sunday, October 30th. It was a beautiful service, and I can see how happy and fulfilled John is serving in the church!!

In addition, John and I have discovered that we're expecting!! Our little one is due on June 26th. Though we've known for some time now, we tried to keep it to ourselves in the beginning:) We are both so happy and excited!! I have been feeling pretty tired and sick to my stomach lately. I've been checking out many home remedies for morning sickness and have found crackers, ginger ale, and strawberry icepops to help a little.

Teaching has been going pretty well. I love my little kids very much! They are really blossoming now... we've stopped reviewing what they learned in Kindergarten. They are all doing so well with reading and writing! Math is becoming easier now that we've begun to explore different ways to find answers (No more fingers allowed!!). We've also begun learning new patriotic songs from our favorite c.d. Wee Sing America. Thanks to that c.d. all of my six year olds know the fifty states in alphabetical order!! Amazing!

Anyway, that's all for now! I will try to write more frequently from now on...

(originally posted on my blog, Dairy of a Young Wife)

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