Monday, August 31

Botanical Lace Wrap


I love, love, love knitting lace! This is a free pattern from @purlsoho called Botanical Lace Wrap and I'm knitting it with the Madeline Tosh Farmhouse White yarn that I harvested from the stripy garter stitch shawl I frogged on Saturday night. This will probably take me awhile, but I don't mind in the least.



Those white specks in the trees are birds... maybe egrets? I couldn't get close enough to identify them.

Greyhaven, No. 2


She cast off on her second Greyhaven hat this month!

Fairytale Geese

Saturday, August 29



This project has languished so long without me working on it that I have decided that it is time to frog it.


Friday, August 28


This is my favorite photo of Tasha Tudor. Today would have been her 105th birthday. 

Blue Butterfly

Thursday, August 27

Parish Beach Day

Banner Day at the Thrift Store


How is it Already Time?


Our school district is passing out iPads like they're candy (not because of the virus... they were given a technology grant from the state). We picked up one for our HIGH SCHOOLER yesterday.

Sunday, August 23

Salt Water

We went to the beach in the late afternoon and even my husband and I swam... we haven't in years. 


Another excessively gorgeous cake to celebrate our parish's 20th Anniversary! This one was chocolate with cherry filling! 

Saturday, August 22


Do Not Persist


"Do not allow yourself for a moment to have any ill-feeling against anyone; always be kind to everyone, conquering your evil disposition by the love that endureth all things and conquereth all things. Avoid obstinacy, self-will, and opposing your neighbor; do not persist in having your own way." Saint John of Kronstadt

Friday, August 21

This Week's Progress


The electrical inspection finally went through. While we were waiting, the guys built a fancy frame for the sign (this is the old one being pressed into service until the new one is made). Now they need to finish enclosing everything with wood, weatherproofing paper, and foam. The goal is to start the concrete next week!

Tuesday, August 18

Dark and Cool

Grandma's here playing Monopoly with the children, so I'm hiding out I my lovely dark and cool bedroom with my long neglected book and glass of iced tea. Maybe I'll take a long bath in a bit. 

Sunday, August 16

Twenty Years


Joyous Feast! Today is our parish's twentieth anniversary and patronal feastday! This icon was written by @bendfeldtmirona and is my absolute favorite!

A Dinner to Celebrate!

Abundant Crepes

Tuesday, August 11

A Good Start


This week's off to a good start! The electrical is ready for inspection tomorrow (🤞) and there's only a little framing left to do. Once we get the ok from the inspector, the framing can be completed and the wrapping and foam can be finished. We're hoping that we'll be putting on concrete next week.

Things for a Convalescence


My mother-in-law had a minor surgery so we brought her some flowers and nectarines and set up Peacock TV for her convalescence.

Sunday, August 9


Last Week's Progress

There wasn't too much progress made this past week with all the rain we had, but this is the general height and shape of the arch. I can't wait to see what is accomplished this coming week! 

The Ordinary Arts

Saturday, August 8

Vegan Pesto


Pesto made without cheese. I've used cashews the last couple of times... I always have them in the pantry and they make the pesto taste even more delicious.

I'm roasting tomatoes for sauce again. Google 'feasting at home simple oven-roasted tomato sauce' for the easy recipe. This time I'm using basil and oregano that I grew and tomatoes that are local. I can't wait to taste this. It smells amazing already.
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