Sunday, April 9

Goudoshnik Tulips

These tulips are the third share of a very generous gift from a parishioner for a month's worth of Spring blooms. Aren't they gorgeous?

Tuesday, March 28

Dole Whip


Dairy-free, gluten-free, fat-free pineapple treat from a local ice cream place... it's so good, and I assume that it's made of pineapple-kissed frozen air?


Adventures as an Art Teacher: Sunset Silhouettes

The past two weeks, we've been working on silhouettes against a sunset backdrop. This is my favorite one and is by a very talented sixth grader.

Adventures as an Art Teacher: The Isle of Grande-Jette

One of the best parts about being the substitute art teacher is getting to practice the art before I teach it. These paintings are this week's lesson for first and second grade. We'll be looking at Monet's The Isle of Grande-Jette and painting our own spring landscapes. The project is from the excellent book, Draw, Paint, Sparkle by Patty Palmer. Once the trees dry, I'll be adding blossoms.

Sunday, March 26

Sunday Dinner

Beach Butterfly

Society of Icon Rescuers

The newly formed Society of Icon Rescuers (our family) saved this Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God from 'Buddhas and Beads' in Rehoboth, DE for a mere $20. We will be saving our pennies to liberate other icons that are trapped there... unless you can deliver them first! Many were handpainted in silver rizas and in the $250-$500 price range. Your purchase will entitle you to membership in our exclusive society.

March Beach

Saturday, March 25

In the Gloaming

After a day of rain, the sun came out. Now, the fog is rolling in.

Bathing by Candlelight

Books Read in 2023: Marking Time by Elizabeth Jane Howar

"Usually, when she felt rotten and depressed like this, her house was a comfort: she could fly to it in her mind, and become engrossed in its decoration. This evening, when she transported herself through the shiny black door with its white pediment and plasters into the small square hall that had black and white tiles laid chequerwork with s border on the floor (she had recently redone the floor) and admired her lemon and orange trees that lived in a pair of black and white ties placed each side of the Russian stove, even before she reached the table she had made of marble Mosaic with a border of shells on which stood the Victorian glass jug that had an ingenious way of keeping lemonade cool, picked up at a church bazaar last Christmas, this evening she was halted by, struck suddenly by the dreariness of living quite alone (albeit with cats) for the rest of her life."

Joyous Feast of Annunciation!

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