Thursday, May 27

Bedroom Reveal

Our daughter's bedroom is done! The wall color turned out so well! I think we're going to use this color for other rooms in the house. Her quilt and sham arrived and she loves them. We put up a new curtain rod, moved the art to different walls, and brought in a couple of things from other places in the house. She's already requested new curtains for her namesday in July and I think she'll need new sheets soon. Getting rid of the carpet (and blinds) is on our wishlist for someday. It's exciting to see everything come together! 



Our daughter's birthday dinner was Chicken Marsala made with a recipe by Robert Irvine. I triple the sauce, saute the mushrooms in butter, and make peas and mashed potatoes. Everything is served separately for the picky among us.  
Her birthday cake was her usual: Lemon Bliss Cake from King Arthur Flour!

Tuesday, May 25

Birthday Cupcakes

Those bio-med kids are going to have such a delicious class tomorrow!

Monday, May 24

Violin Recital

This sweet boy had his violin recital tonight! 
She's turning fifteen this week and wants new bedding and a fresh coat of paint on her bedroom walls.  

We swatched paint samples and our daughter is going with Behr Cotton Knit (which is the bottom paint sample). We're patching nail holes tonight and then I'll pick up the paint and cut in tomorrow while she's at school. We'll paint the walls when she gets home (she wants to be part of the process). We're hoping to have all of the first coat of painting done tomorrow before our youngest son's 6 pm violin recital!

Saturday, May 22

Backyard Camping


Secret Garden

Here are a few new plants I picked up from Mother Flowers today: pilea, button fern, and magelana peach verbena. I found a tiny skink lizard inspecting them on the porch a few minutes ago... I hope they meet with his approval! 

Watering the Roses

Friday, May 21

Sleeping on the Swing


I brought the little boy that I'm doing preschool with to swing for a few minutes and he promptly fell asleep! Is there anything better than a nap out-of-doors? 

Monday, May 17

Vingette by the Door

Al Fresco for Sunday Dinner

We've been trying to dine al fresco for Sunday dinner. I just placed an order for two domes that will keep the flies away from the food on the serving dishes. 

Rabbit Knife Rests

I love these charming little rabbit knife rests! 

Meringue Cookies

Meringue cookies are so delicate and feminine. This one is the last from a box made by one of our church ladies. 

Little Bud

Sunday, May 16


I'm pretending that I'm the heroine of an Agatha Christie mystery while I watch Papa and the trio play tennis. 

Friday, May 14

Hard Work


I spent most of the day weeding the fountain and though it was a lot of work, I love the result! Now I can just keep up with it once a week with minimal effort! 

The Sea in Spring

Thursday, May 13

Hummingbird Feeder

My husband noticed a hummingbird two days ago, so we're hoping that this feeder that came today will draw them to the church's patio. 

Roses in the Rain

Wednesday, May 12

American Goldfinches

These sweet little American Goldfinches visited our feeder today. I've noticed so many different varieties of wild birds in our neighborhood recently. We've even seen bluebirds in the trees a few times. 

Tuesday, May 11

Creamy Blueberry Pie

Creamy blueberry pie from Bunny's Warm Oven is in the works today! I couldn't resist this recipe after seeing it on two feeds recently! 

Monday, May 10

Paschal Roses

These Paschal roses are amazing! I typically have pots of hyacinths around making the air smell lovely, but Pascha fell too late this year. 

Saturday, May 8

Bright Saturday

How is it Bright Saturday already? 

Accidentally Pink


I accidentally bought some pink Oriental lilies for church (we only wanted white flowers for Pascha), but they look so pretty by the front door. 
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