Saturday, August 31

Oh to Be in England!

The 2019 British Issue of  Victoria Magazine is 👌... it is full of great articles and really reminds me of the issues my mother used to get when I was young.

Thursday, August 29

A Ginko Tree

There is a gorgeous ginko tree in our violin teacher's front garden. I cannot wait to see it turn gold this autumn.

Tuesday, August 27


The children went kayaking with parishioners today. What fun they had!

Monday, August 26

Greek Feast Again!

I made Greek Feast again this week!  I can't get enough!

Sunday, August 25

Sunday Dinner

I made copycat Alice Springs Chicken (basically chicken breast marinated in honey mustard and smothered in bacon, sauteed mushrooms, and Colby Jack Cheese, loaded potatoes, and salad!

A Ginger Linen Wiksten Haiori

I finally got to wear the beautiful ginger linen jacket my talented sister, Kate, sewed for me when she visited in July. The pattern is the Wiksten Haiori and it is the shorter version in a size large. Many thanks to my friend, Mirona, for snapping my picture after Liturgy today!

Friday, August 23

Where'd You Go, Bernadette?

I burned through the Where'd You Go Bernadette book fast enough to get to see the film in the theater with my sister, Kate!  It was amazing and I can't wait to watch it again at home when in comes out!

Thursday, August 22

Summer Vacation Waning

Knitting, reading, and eating is how I plan to spend the last little bit of our summer vacation!

Wednesday, August 21

Knotting Pearls

Miss Cecilia is teaching our girl how to knot a string of pearls today, while I get my heart checked out by Doctor Thea.


The boys are still building and painting airplanes a year later.

Tuesday, August 20

Saturday Pancakes on a Tuesday

The Saturday pancakes were so amazing that I made some today, too!

Monday, August 19

Blueberry Muffins with Lashings of Butter

Fresh blueberry muffins made by the sweetest of teenage daughters.

Saturday, August 17


She made herself heart shaped pancakes for Saturday morning breakfast.

Friday, August 16

Knitting Again

I'm knitting again after months of needle neglect.

Thursday, August 15

Joyous Feast of Dormition!

We went to Chick-Fil-A to break the fast after Liturgy for Dormition today. We had 59 in church and 40 came out to lunch! It was a lot of fun to visit together!

Wednesday, August 14

Dried Fleurs

I bought two dried bouquets from our local florist to get blessed for Dormition tomorrow! 

Saturday, August 10

Saturday Morning Perfection

Saturday morning perfection: perusing a book in bed (Wabi-Sabi Welcome) while listening to the radio

Thursday, August 8

Clay Sunshine

I made some air dry clay things with my little English-as-a-second-language friend this week. We created a sunshine wall hanging for his mama and a pencil cup for his babushka. I'm going to try to find more of this clay (provided by his grandmother) for the trio to work with.

Christmas in August

I found twelve Spode Christmas Tree plates (salad size, I think) in our secondhand shop and snapped them up. My mother has a full set of these and I never thought that I would want to have dishes that are useful for only a short time. After happily using the paper plate version of these on Christmas Day this past year, however, I am convinced that these will be well loved. I will put them in our Christmas bin in the attic now and it will be exciting to unearth them in December.

Monday, August 5

Runaway Bride

Our town is a little bit famous because it was used in the filming of the Julia Robert's movie Runaway Bride (and also, Tuck Everlasting!). The film's 20th anniversary is this year, so to celebrate there are walking tours being held to show off some of the buildings used in the movie. My friend and I went today before church this evening for Transfiguration. We also ended up on the news! What a neat experience!

Flowers for Transfiguration

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