Wednesday, January 31

Beautiful Moments

Make the most of beautiful moments. Beautiful moments predispose the soul to prayer; they make it refined, noble, and poetic. Wake up in the morning to see the sun rising from out of the sea as a king robed in regal purple. When a lovely landscape, a picturesque chapel, or something beautiful inspires you, don’t leave things at that, but go beyond this to give glory for all beautiful things so that you experience Him who alone is ‘comely in beauty’. All things are holy - the sea, swimming, and eating. Take delight in them all. All things enrich us, all lead us to the great Love, all lead us to Christ."

St Porphyrios

Tuesday, January 30

Chicken Soup with Rice

Our daughter has been in a creative groove since returning from Florida:  baking blueberry cake, whipping up a little wrap skirt using a YouTube tutorial, and setting up sewing lessons with her grandmother this weekend.  I've just been sitting here congratulating myself that we are eating chicken soup with rice for lunch right after reading Chicken Soup with Rice for school with our second grader.  NBD, guys.  NBD.

Monday, January 29

Monday Blues

We're back to the grind:  school, violin practice, and basketball...  PLUS, the discovery of a Darth Vader costume perfectly laid out on our bed just as we're ready to fall asleep.

Sunday, January 28


Sunday roasts, rainy afternoons, and the first buds on the French pussy willow.

Saturday, January 27


Breakfasting at my own table again, while I admire velvet hydrangeas for a future project.

Friday, January 19

Revolutionary War Love

 I love these beautiful pictures that our little girl drew the other day.  She is in the midst of a deep interest in the Revolutionary War, and her drawings, book choices, and television show watching reflects that.  I remember going through this myself!

Thursday, January 18


The kids have been attending basketball clinics and have joined a nearby town's basketball teams.  With all of the different ages of our little ones and the fact that we have boys and a girl, we are at basketball Mondays., Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  It's a bit much some days, but everyone is having fun and I am getting in a lot of knitting.  This past week was a great week for our older two:  Sugar Plum scored a buzzer beater and Little Man got a three pointer! 

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