Monday, December 31

2018 Knitting

1.  Dusty Purple Bonnet for Hazel
2.  Ramona Cardigan in Black
3.  Grey Bonnet for Hazel
4.  Yarrow Root Bonnet for Elissea
5.  White Baptismal Bonnet for Eliseea
6.  White Baptismal Bonnet for Emily's baby
7.  Black Greyhaven Hat for Danyella
8.  Grey Bonnet for Benedict
9.  Harbor Cap Test Knit
10. Charlotte Beret
11. Baby P's Shale Blanket in Shire Green
12. Grey Classic Kerchief for Hazel
13. Grey Bonnet for Luke
14. Grey Classic Kerchief for Eliseea

2018 Books 

 1. Christmas at Thrush Green
 2. Johnny Tremain
 3. The Priory
 4. Gardener's Nightcap
 5. Time Enough for Drums
 6.  Mrs. Hurst Dancing
 7.  A Women's Work
 8. Long Live the Great Bardfield:  The Autobiography of Tirzah Garwood
 9. Possession
10. Bramton Wick
11. Landscape in Sunlight
12. Secret of the Andes
13. Akhmatova: Poems
14. Carl and Karin Larsson: Creators of Swedish Style
15. The Native Heath
16. Howard's End
17.  Seaview House
18. The Wheel on the School
19. A Winter Away
20. Sylvester
21.  The Tale of Hill Top Farm
22.  Venetia
23.  The Matisse Stories
24.  The Lark
25.  A Convenient Marriage
26.  English Cottage Interiors
27.  Cottage Style
28.  The Mingham Air
29.  Diary of a Provincial Lady
30.  Snow White (Graphic Novel)
31.  Home Sweet Maison: The French Art of Making Home
32.  The Fortress: A Love Story
33.  Morningside Heights
34.  One Beautiful Dream
35.  The War That Saved My Life
36. Less Than Angels
37.  Dear Mrs. Bird
38.  The War I Finally Won
39.  The Railway Children
40.  The Family with Two Front Doors
41.  The Magic of Ordinary Days
42.  Emma
43.  The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
44.  Feeding the Dragon 
45.  The Second World War Diaries of Violet Carey
46.  Ship of Fools
47.  Circe
48.  A Glass of Blessings
49.  Homebody
50.  The Barbara Pym Cookbook
51.  Merry Hall
52. An Edwardian Christmas

Sunday, December 30


I put my Instagram account through two different color applications tonight ( and and am pleased with the colors that are represented my photographs. I didn't expect to see so much brown and I thought that there would be a bit more gray.

Saturday, December 29

Poppy Chick

My Poppy Chick died tonight. I miss him so much. Memory Eternal!

Sweet Rainbow Baby

Our darling nephew was baptized today and I am his godmother.

Thursday, December 27

More Brekkie and Knitting

 My sweet little middle son bought me a special mug as his Christmas present.  I love that he chose one with an "M" on it for "Mama".  He said that he thought about choosing one with an "E", but it didn't seem right since no one here calls me "Emily".  I will treasure my Mama mug always.

I am still working on Christmas presents.  I decided to knit my godchildren a little something to go with a wrapped gift,  Unfortunately, I bought yarn and was unable to actually work on the four projects until today.  The first gift I finished was the first of three Classic Kerchiefs.  The pattern is quick and easy to follow.  Hopefully the other two and a wee bonnet will fly off the needles before I see my little ones for Nativity.

Wednesday, December 26


Some builders in our area have created a child-sized Christmas village named Schellville. Each building is decked out for Christmas inside and out. The town has homes, a movie theater, diner, shops, and more. Children are able to go into each one to explore and play! Oh, and they've put in snow machines and an outdoor skating rink! It's completely darling!

Nibbles on the Second Day of Christmas

 The first breakfast after a fast ends is always so special.  I baked Greek Pascha bread yesterday for our Christmas dinner and it is delightful toasted with butter and a side of bacon.  


Our friend, Cami, baked loads of Christmas cookies with her girls and our daughter on Christmas Eve.  Sugar Plum came home with a huge tray of assorted treats and these jammy cheesecake cookies are the absolute best with a mug of tea and knitting.

Tuesday, December 25

Bûche de Noel

 I decided to try my hand at baking a Bûche de Noel this Christmas Day.  Though it took a bit of time, it was not as difficult to create as I feared.  I really loved using the Betty Crocker recipe. It was delicious!  I decided to make meringue mushrooms, sugared cranberries, and coconut to decorate the cake. Though this confection took a bit of planning, it was well worth it.  I think that baking a Bûche de Noel will be a new Christmas tradition!

Christ is Born!

Monday, December 24

Christmas Eve

Dreamy Sheep

There are now sheep in a pasture that's on the way to my favorite grocery store! 👏👏👏

Sunday, December 23

Carriage Ride

A bunch of church people went into town today to enjoy a free horse-drawn carriage ride together!  It was great fun and I am already looking forward to next year!

Friday, December 21

The Nativity Story

We put up our Christmas tree (our first faux one) just in time to have the church people come over to view The Nativity Story tonight! It was followed by a discussion on the differences between what was seen in the movie and Church Tradition.

Monday, December 17

Getting Ready for Christmas: Putting Out the Playroom Nativity Set

Join me as I set up our children's Nativity set!
3D Star tutorial:
Mary on a Donkey:
 Joseph Walking:
Evergreen Garland and Bottle Brush Trees: Hearth & Hand for Target Mini Nativity:
The Story of Christmas:

Getting Ready for Christmas: The Playroom Nativity Set

Join me as I update you on the decorations in the living room and put out the playroom nativity set!

Saturday, December 15

Sweet Baby Toes and Paper Stars

My husband's brother, sister-in-law, and our new nephew are here for a little weekend visit.  In between cuddling their sweet baby boy, I have been slowly putting up our Christmas decorations.  I adore all of these paper stars!

Friday, December 14

Trader Joe's

We stopped at Trader Joe's on our way home from the infusion clinic yesterday and bought these perfect mandarins (+ seeded eucalyptus, paperwhites, and dark chocolate sea salt almonds... you know, essentials).

Thursday, December 13

Infusion No. 2

We are two weeks in to our little girl's diagnosis of Crohn's Disease.  She is starting to feel better and we aim to learn how to live well with Crohn's.  God Willing, this treatment will be successful and she will continue to do well.
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