Monday, August 30

Vingnettes at the Antique Store


I love looking at little vignettes that people come up with at antique stores. This booth was particularly lovely. My daughter and I visited last week when we were running errands and bought the landscape painting and a tiny pitcher. She bought a beautiful etched brass ruler that isn't pictured. 

Sunday, August 29

Friday's Beach Trip

I've seen this charming "When Pigs Fly" kite on this beach before and just love it! I'm glad it was flying when we went on Friday.
Wild Ponies in Conference
Treasures from the Sea 

Wednesday, August 25



Look at this darling little fox that we spotted today! 

Tuesday, August 24

Lovely Flowers on Our Table


These look like tiny orchids, but they aren't! 

Sunday, August 22

Garlic Braid


I bought a garlic braid from @garlicbraids a few weeks ago and it arrived this week! I'm so excited to hang this in our kitchen and use it for all the cold weather recipes we love so much. 

Saturday, August 21

Fireworks from Our Window

We stayed in a hotel last night that had fireworks for their town celebrations! It was so special and exciting to see them from the windows in our room. 

Thursday, August 19

Bon Air Park Rose Garden | Arlington, Virginia


Peaceful Moments at a Creek

    We will be spending the next few days on the road for funeral services. My husband's uncle passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer. I found this little park with a creek and rose garden near the funeral home. We'll stay here for a bit while we wait for my husband to vest his uncle with some of the other priests in our diocese. When a priest dies, his fellow priests clothe him in his vestments while they recite the prayers that he would normally say himself. I'm glad my husband was able to do this for his uncle. Before this year, he had never vested a priest. This will be his third time in 2021... a heartbreaking reality for our family and parish (all died from old age/longtime ailments, not you-know-what). 

Wednesday, August 18

Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Clean Up!

The children do clean up duty every afternoon after the guys finish up. They do a sweep for stray nails and staples that could pop tires, gather trash, and bring all the tools back to the shed in the tractor. 

Local Flowers

Bouquets of local flowers for the Metropolitan and three matushki in our parish 

Bread for the Metropolitan

When a bishop visits, he is greeted with bread and salt by the parish. This beautiful boule was baked by a parishioner, I filled the little glass with Maldon Sea Salt, and put it all on my grandmother's pink Depression glass plate. 

Sunday, August 15

Metropolitan Tikhon Visits

Metropolitan Tikhon visited our parish this weekend for the services for Dormition and he will remain here for our patronal feast day on Monday (The Icon not Made by Hands). In addition, Father John was elevated to the rank of Archpriest!

Metropolitan Tikhon Blesses the Arch

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