Friday, March 30

Why I Like to Shop Online

A newly born little lady baby will be baptized tomorrow, and so I had to take a jaunt to my local yarn shop for a little white yarn to knit her a baptismal bonnet.  Fortunately, this bonnet pattern was made for procrastinators like moi, as it knits up rather quickly.  One of the best things about the yarn shop is the fact that I pass this wee secret garden on my walk from the parking lot to the store entrance.  It makes up for the fact that the shop ladies treat me a bit like a knitting charlatan whenever I darken their door. 

Thursday, March 29

A Makeover

Faux fleurs were 50% off at Michael's this week, so I spruced up an old wreath that we've had hanging in our powder room for years.  Now, it'll hang on the front porch.

Wednesday, March 28

Her Second Skirt

Our beautiful daughter sewed her second Scarborough Fair Skirt with her grandmother a few weekends ago.  We purchased the fabric at Hobby Lobby and the pattern is one by Alicia Paulson.  I just love how sophisticated she looks in it!

Monday, March 26

The Morning After

Scenes from Our Monday morning: party roses, a flock of peach colored cranes, and the Queen's Guard in my mug


 The children and I pulled it off!  We successfully threw a surprise party for my husband's 40th birthday with 75 guests!!  The decor was simple:  lots of balloons (gold, white, berry, and dusty pink), vases of spray roses in shades of pink, and berry colored plates and napkins.  The menu was baked salmon (lemon dill and Asian), roasted potatoes (made by my mother-in-law), salad, and cake.  There was wine, soda, and water and though I forgot to make garlic bread and coffee, it was a success!  I am so happy that he was surprised, that so many people came, and that it is over!

Sunday, March 25


 Today is the beginning of our salvation,
The revelation of the eternal mystery!
The Son of God becomes the Son of the Virgin
As Gabriel announces the coming of Grace.
Together with him let us cry to the Theotokos:
Rejoice, O Full of Grace,
The Lord is with Thee!


Note:  The above work is part of The Annunciation by Mikhail Nestrov.

Saturday, March 24

Little "t" Traditions

I've been waiting all of Great Lent for our town's little health food shop to get their order of carved egg beeswax candles from Sunbeam Candles and today was the day!  Pascha is drawing near!

Thursday, March 22

New Original Art

The Trio painted self-portraits this week and I absolutely love them!

Wednesday, March 21

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Happy, happy 40th birthday to my beloved better half!  May this year be a happy and healthy one for you!

Tuesday, March 20

Wood Rose Linens

My sisters and brother gave me this beautiful set of  wood rose colored Magic Linen table linens for my birthday and I am so pleased with them!  They are so very lovely in person and it was a joy to wash and iron them with my littlest boy yesterday evening. 

Monday, March 19

A Few Hours with Friends

We just spent a magical day with Lila and her lovely daughters seeing The Tomb of Christ at the National Geographic Museum and enjoying an urban picnic on Faragut Square.  It seems like it was a dream, now that we are home.

Sunday, March 18

Ramona Sweater

A Dozen Cakes in 2018: March

Our little boy's namesday is today!  Saint Nikolaj of Zicha, Pray Unto God for Us!

I made a Lenten chocolate cake today for Button's special dessert.  I used canned vanilla icing between the two layers and Cool Whip for the top of the cake.  Our boy loves strawberries, so arranges some on top of the cake and dusted the whole thing with some powered sugar. 

Saturday, March 17

Use What You Have

I'm so happy!  I bought this cabinet many moons ago at a garage sale and it has always held our dvds.  Since beginning to collect my pretty blue dishes, I have wanted a china cabinet, but they were always too big or too expensive.  Recently, I spotted a similar cabinet at an antique store chock full of dishes and I realized that the solution to my wish was right under my nose all along.  The dinner plates are a bit too wide for this narrow cabinet, so I bought two bamboo dish racks on Amazon to help with the space.  I love this arrangement!

Friday, March 16


Picnicking on an island and wandering though the forest felt a little like we belonged in the pages of Swallows and Amazons.

Wednesday, March 14


Dipping my amateur toe back into sketching + using watercolors... I was inspired by the newish nature journaling feature in Country Living UK magazine.

Sunday, March 11

Sunday of the Cross

O Lord, save Your people, 
and bless Your inheritance. 
Grant victories to the Orthodox Christians, 
over their adversaries. 
And by virtue of Your Cross 
preserve Your habitation!

Saturday, March 10

Hair Cut

I got my hair cut for the first time in three years and emerged smiling (despite the plethora of grey hair comments)! I've already added another cut to my calendar for September so that I won't be tempted to neglect treating myself to this little luxury.

Friday, March 9


I spotted this tiny potted succulent at Target this afternoon and decided to bring him home with me.  I have noticed these types of little plants popping up more and more lately.  When I see them, I am reminded of the few days in July that I spent with my sister Juliana and her family.  She has several succulents in her home and they fit her taste and decor perfectly.

Thursday, March 8

Quiet Moments

Thursday is a busy, busy day for us with lots of chauffeuring of children and waiting around for me.  It's lovely to have a bit of knitting with me and a vase of bedside daffs to cheer me upon my return.
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