Monday, May 30

The Last Bookshop in London

I just started reading The Last Bookshop in London and absolutely love it! It's sort of like a cross between A Place to Hang the Moon and The Awakening of Miss Prim. You should try it! The audio book is on Hoopla if your library has that option. 

Sunday, May 29

A Failed Attempt to Pick Strawberries

One of the things we like to do in May is to pick strawberries. The fields at the farm we went to yesterday were depleted, but we did get to see sheep and we bought a pre-picked carton of strawberries. It wasn't a total loss. 

A Long, Hot Soak


All of these bathtub fixtures were replaced yesterday and I can have a long, hot bath tonight! I had been using a pair of pliers to turn the hot water on and off for years, and then the plastic part that I need to grip broke off a month or two ago. We were finally able to find mostly matching hardware and it was installed yesterday! What luxury!

The Lupine Lady

Something to make the world more beautiful. The Lupine Lady would approve. 

Thursday, May 26



The sweetest girl is sweet sixteen today! Oh how we love her!

Wednesday, May 25

After School Snack


An after school snack of little apple crisps made by our daughter

More Roses

These poor roses have become dinner to resident insects. I need to find some sort of spray to make them less desirable.

Sunday, May 22

Annual Pool Blessing

Our parish had our annual pool blessing and cross dive today! Come and swim! 

Saturday, May 21

A Saturday Baptism


Middle School Orchestra Concert


Our son had his first and last middle school orchestra concert a few nights ago. It's been a rough few years for these kids. Things were obviously affected by the pandemic, but their orchestra teacher suddenly and tragically passed away in January. Next year will be exciting because both our middle son and our daughter will be in the high school orchestra together!

Thursday, May 19

Overload of Pyrocantha

Oh, the beauty of this espaliered pyrocantha! It is gorgeous in all seasons! 

Patio Roses


Monday, May 16

After a Storm

The light was so beautiful and so eerie after a violent storm. It changed quickly, so I am glad that I caught it with this photo.

Sunday, May 15

Princess Tree


I thought this was wisteria growing in our forest, but it is a Princess Tree.

Saturday, May 14

Swatching a Shale


My friend wants to knit a Shale Blanket, so I made a little swatch of one repeat to help remind myself how to do the stitches so that I can show her at coffee hour tomorrow after Liturgy.

Friday, May 13

Summer's First Roses

On Point


When the @saintsignora packaging is as on point as the things I purchased!

Picot-Edge Washcloths


All of my knitted kitchen washcloths are failing at once, but I won't throw one out until I can replace it with a new one. I'm using ecru Peaches & Creme cotton yarn and the Picot- Edge Washcloth pattern from @churchmouseyarns.

Monday, May 9

New Wool


Line Weight Yarn in Heirloom White and Soft Black to make Purl Soho's Newsprint Cowl #purlsoho #newsprintcowl
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