Friday, April 29

Clothes Horse

I've wanted a laundry drying rack like this (I think that it is called a clothes horse sometimes) for awhile and finally ordered one from the Pulleymaid website. It came very quickly from England and is so well made. I really like it!

Friday Afternoon Knitting

A little washcloth knitting while the kindergarteners I am looking after today are in PE.

Thursday, April 28

Inspiration from Martha Stewart

I was totally influenced by @caviar.taste.tuna.budget's recent stories where she highlighted Martha's Entertaining: A Year of Celebrations by Martha Stewart. I snagged a "very good" used copy and it arrived today. It's a lovely thick book with tons of inspiration!


Trifle is our Paschal dessert of choice! I make pound cake using Paula Deen's recipe and then assemble to trifle by layering pound cake pieces, berries, and vanilla pudding. This is all topped off with a cloud of homemade whipped cream. It is so delicious! I can usually get three trifles from one pound cake. I've already make two this week and I think I may put the rest of the pound cake in the freezer for later... maybe Ascension?
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